Jill Marsden: Artisan Jeweller – Rachel Elizabeth Interiors & Textiles
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Jill Marsden: Artisan Jeweller

This month, we’re warmly welcoming two beautiful local jewellery designers to our store, Jill Marsden and Ange Wilkinson. 

Jill Marsden, jewellery designer of Jill Marsden Designs, @jillmarsdendesigns

With 39 years of creative experience, Jill has spent the last 15 years honing her skills in silversmithing and jewellery design. Jill’s current design signature is gold leaf, in the tradition of famed Italian artisans, and her works are available to view and purchase in-store. Our community are quickly falling in love with Jill's designs; they are truly stunning!

Much like all the creative artisans in our emporium, Jilly’s luxurious, bespoke jewellery is made for clients who want to make a bold statement and express their individual style. 

Every gorgeous piece is cut and finished by hand, in Jill's Brisbane studio, and are made from a combination of sterling and fine silver, gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and unusual beads collected from her overseas travels. 

How did you get started in jewellery design? 

I started 15 years ago with beading and then moved onto silver and goldsmithing as I was unable to find the shapes and sizes that I was after and I wanted my own unique shapes and designs.

What inspires your jewellery designs?

I have always loved hoops, flowers, pearls and gold.... so anything that makes these materials look unique and different always inspires me!

What are your preferred materials and elements to work with?

Gold, sapphires, pearls and of course, diamonds. I really like Zircon gemstone (not to be confused with CZ); it is affordable, very sparkly in lots of colours and a natural gemstone.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I have many... it depends how I feel on the day! I love the texture and finish I am able to achieve with the gold leaf; it makes all the designs come to life.

How would you describe your style when it comes to interiors?

I have an eclectic taste.  I love texture, colour and character. I love a very homely creative space. More on the rustic, aged side.

What have you been doing to keep busy during COVID-19?

I have been working on new collections and getting lots of components made to get ready for a lovely, long, hot summer!

Do you have a favourite travel destination?

I love the beach. I love Australian beaches. I think we are all going to spend lots of time exploring all the different areas of Australia over the next few years...

My all-time favourite place is Italy though... I love the countryside, particularly Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast. Sublime! I love how Italians embrace and love life.

Any hidden markets, shops or restaurants you’re willing to share with us?

I find being with my close friends anywhere is the best place to be.

What’s your favourite travel treasure?

Two metal sculptures from Tuscany; Vesper and Cypress tree.