Golden Beach Living Transformation - A Coastal Retreat Redefined

Explore our stunning before and after transformations of a Golden Beach residence, showcasing how we brought coastal charm and comfort to this holiday home. From a dark and uninspiring space to a warm and inviting haven with breathtaking ocean views, discover the magic we created with durable and stylish furniture and fabrics.

Lounge Room Makeover

Before: The lounge room presented a stark and uninviting atmosphere. The dominating presence of an unattractive red leather sofa immediately drew attention, clashing with the overall aesthetics of the space. The flooring consisted of stark and cold tiles, lacking of any warmth or character.


Lounge Room Before

After: We infused warmth and elegance into the space by adding a sisal rug, a rattan coffee table, and a luxurious Copland Honey-coloured sofa. These choices were perfectly complemented by hand-block-printed cushions from the Rachel Elizabeth Interiors textile collection. Plantation shutters were introduced to enhance the coastal vibe, creating an inviting atmosphere.


Lounge Room After

Primary Suite Transformation

Before: The primary suite, in its original state, left much to be desired in terms of aesthetics and personality. It had a drab and uninspiring ambiance. 


Primary Bedroom Before

After: Our transformation elevated the primary suite into a tranquil retreat. The oatmeal linen headboard takes centre stage, setting a soothing tone. We introduced calming tones of olive green, white, and blue, complemented by coastal lamps and a Rachel Elizabeth Interiors block-printed quilt. Custom upholstered headboards and soft furnishings from our exclusive textile collection added a touch of elegance and luxury. Plantation shutters and stunning porthole mirrors enhanced the nautical theme, creating a harmonious and relaxing space.


Primary Bedroom after

Dining Space Revamp

Before: The dining space in this Golden Beach residence was initially a dimly lit area with an uninspiring atmosphere. It featured a colour scheme dominated by dark tones, primarily brown and red, which created a gloomy and unwelcoming ambiance.


Dining Room Before

After: We introduced natural elements into the dining area, blending in organic textures such as bone inlay, rattan, and wood to craft an inviting ambiance that seamlessly bridges indoor and outdoor living. To enhance the existing kitchen's character, we incorporated subtle yet striking touches of bold red accents, harmonizing with the pre-existing red granite feature. This was further accentuated by the addition of a tribal rug crafted from recycled bottles and captivating artwork. In the dining room, attention is drawn to a meticulously handcrafted table featuring organic edges, thoughtfully paired with meticulously chosen chairs, lighting fixtures, and decorative items that beautifully harmonise with the overall aesthetic.


Two photos showing the completed decorations on Golden Beach project

This Golden Beach residence has undergone a remarkable transformation, from outdated and uninspiring to a coastal haven that perfectly complements its breathtaking surroundings. Our carefully curated choices of furniture, fabrics, and design elements have breathed new life into this holiday home.

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