Cane dining chairs

Introducing our exclusive Taj collection, including dining chairs, armchairs, benches, screens, writing tables, sideboards, trunks and cabinets, all showcasing timeless style and quality materials. 

The Cane Dining Chair, Armchair and Ralli Quilts

Wooden Trunk/Side Table with Ring Accent Mirror

 Wooden Trunk with the Kantha Quilt 

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Rachel Elizabeth Interiors & Textiles, Brisbane Furniture Cane Armchair and the Nesting Bench with Stools

The Cane Armchair and Nesting Table & Stools with assorted Rachel Elizabeth Textiles 

Rachel Elizabeth Interior & Textiles Brisbane cane armchair

The Cane Dining Chair with Kantha Quilt 

Rachel Elizabeth Interiors & Textiles Furniture Brisbane

Rachel Elizabeth Interiors & Textiles Brisbane Furniture Nesting Table & Stools

Nesting Bench with Stools 

Rachel Elizabeth Interiors & Textiles Brisbane Furniture White Wash Cane Bench

White Wash Cane Bench