Green Cleaning : Eco Friendly Tips & Tricks by Alisa & Cynthia Mayne

Green Cleaning : Eco Friendly Tips & Tricks (Paperback)

Green Cleaning is your go-to guide for beating the big companies at their own game, giving you chemical-free tips, tricks, and recipes to clean everything from the bathroom tiles to red wine stains on carpet and blocked drains. All recipes are 100% environmentally and budget friendly, making sure your cleaning footprint is green and cost effective.

Learn how to harness the natural cleaning power of common household ingredients such as lemons, baking soda, and vinegar to cut through grease and grime with minimal effort and cost. With the world moving at a pace that most of us race to catch up with, now more than ever we have the power to press the pause button and reset how we will restart what we bring into our home. A simple life is a lovely life and the fabulous side effects of this lifestyle is more money, less chemicals, a happier planet, more time, less waste, and less toxins for your body to have to process.

This book was written as a workbook, you can start your new cleaning journey by simply embracing one new way to clean at the start, or by using many of the tips at once. Each tiny change makes a big change over time. Each chemical cleaning product that you leave on the supermarket shelf and instead make yourself is an inspiring step towards a simple, clean, healthy, and happy home.

About the Authors

Alisa Mayne is the bestselling author of several practical books including Green Stain Busters and the Feed Your Family For Less series. Her experiences growing up self-sufficiently and her 25 years in the food industry, including launching and running many of her own successful food businesses, have led her to share and inspire others with helpful simple life tips, tricks and recipes in an easy and fun way.

Her books are aimed to be simple but informative and all are based on real-life skills she has learned through the varied and unusual life she has lived. From off-grid farmhouses to inner-city apartments, from Scottish castles to Tropical fruit farms, and from the sunny beaches of Qld to the serene and peaceful small-town life of New Zealand’s Deep South, her books encourage readers to give an eco-friendly and budget-friendly lifestyle ago.

Cynthia Mayne was considered an expert in the field of budget and natural cooking and cleaning in Australia. Cynthia passed away in 2012 but not before teaching her daughter all she knew from her 40 years of experience.