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How to Style a Beautiful Bed: Expert Tips from Rachel Elizabeth Interiors

When it comes to creating a dreamy and inviting bedroom, few elements are as crucial as a beautifully styled bed. The way your bed is presented can transform the entire ambiance of your room, making it a cosy sanctuary that you look forward to sinking into each night.

From layering to thoughtful accents, here's how to achieve a stunning bed setup.

1. Layer, Layer, Layer: The Foundation of Luxury

One of the fundamental principles of bed styling is layering. At Rachel Elizabeth Interiors we emphasise the importance of layering different textures and fabrics to create a visually rich and luxurious bed. Start with high-quality sheets as your base. Opt for breathable and comfortable materials like cotton or linen. Next, add a lightweight blanket or coverlet to provide an extra layer of warmth and visual interest. To complete this ensemble, consider laying a vintage Kantha quilt at the end of the bed. The intricate hand-stitched patterns and vibrant hues of a Kantha quilt add an artisanal touch and a pop of personality to the overall design.

Designer Tip: Don't hesitate to mix and match patterns and colours to achieve a dynamic look.

Bedroom Layers

 2. Elevate with a Striking Headboard

Raising the visual appeal of your bed starts with an impactful headboard selection. Whether your preference leans toward an opulent upholstered headboard in a beautiful fabric or a more understated option, consider opting for a larger scale to make a statement.

Headboard Master Bedroom

3. Infuse Vibrancy with Patterns and Textures

Experimenting with an array of patterns and textures can breathe life into your bed's overall style. My recommendation is to weave a common colour thread throughout the mix of patterns, ensuring a sense of harmony. For example, you can combine a floral hand block printed quilt cover with cushions that showcase textures in the same hue, or contrast a solid-coloured quilt with vibrant, bold cushions. Infuse diversity by incorporating materials like linen, velvet, or bouclé to introduce a tactile dimension.

Cushions and Quilt

4. Maintain Balance

While layering is key, it's important to strike a balance to avoid overwhelming your bed. The goal is to create an inviting and comfortable space, not an overcrowded one. Stand back and assess the overall look, ensuring that each layer contributes to the aesthetic without making the bed look cluttered.

Bedroom Styling

5. Don't Forget the Foot of the Bed

The foot of the bed is often an overlooked area that has tremendous styling potential. I recommend adding a bench, trunk, or a set of stools to this space. Not only does this enhance the visual appeal, but it also provides a practical spot for putting on shoes or displaying decorative items.
Bedroom Throw
6. Accent Cushions

Well-placed cushions can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your bed while offering a comfortable touch. Mix and match cushion designs, sizes, and textures to infuse character and depth into your bedroom decor.
Bedroom cushions
If you find yourself in need of guidance and expertise in styling your bedroom, please contact Rachel Elizabeth Interiors.



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